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The innovative diagnostic tool for dentists is also available as an affordable leasing option

Without deposit

10% residual value

Leasing offer within 48 hours

Lease 36 month

Leasing from 935,84 € per month (plus 19% VAT per month) with a 36-month term depending on the starter KIT1).

Lease 54 month

Leasing from 661,72 € per month (plus 19% VAT per month) with a 54-month term depending on the starter KIT1).

1)In order to send you an offer, we only pass on the data required to check your creditworthiness to our contractual partner MMV Leasing GmbH.

The respective service contract term is at least one year. The contract term is automatically extended for a further year, unless the contract is terminated within the period of 3 months to the end of the year. Different service content applies to the STANDARD service contract from the third year and for the PREMIUM service contract from the fourth year. The general terms and conditions of DDHT GmbH & Co. KG apply. You can access the terms and conditions HERE.