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The correct ultrasound evaluation for your diagnostics is also very important to us.

We now offer a follow-up training for all CaviTAU® users!
For all users who did not attend the introductory training or for all those who would like to gain even more confidence in the application!

Seminar location

Practice clinic Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner, Grünwalder Straße 10a, Munich


299,- € incl. 19% VAT per person


German or English speaking
(Please specify in the ordering process)

Use now again these advantages of the follow-up training:

independent practice and training under guidance

Ideal for assistants who are just getting started or who would like to become even more confident in the operation of the system.

for users who still have specific questions about the correct operation, use and interpretation of your evaluations.

Our trainers teach the important contents and procedures for operating the CaviTAU® device in a simple, understandable and practice-oriented manner.

The correct handling & operation of the CaviTAU® device is important to generate reliable data. Most questions only arise during the daily use of the device. Therefore, we repeat the topics of the introductory training and explicitly address your individual experiences and questions. Your individual questions can be answered directly here.

If you would like to learn how to interpret, understand and evaluate the CaviTAU® images correctly, please register today at the special price.