Jawbone Detox® Days

13. - 15. 07. 2023

Jawbone Detox® Days

13. - 15. 07. 2023

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Jawbone Detox® Days -
2 Days Immune Dentistry & Munich Summit on Integrative Oral Medicine
and Dr. Lechner‘s Jawbone Detox® Protocol
13. - 15. 07. 2023

Program & Schedule

  • Integrative approach from local oral inflammation to systemic immune diseases
  • Localization of the jaw bone cavities by novel ultrasonic sonography
  • Pre- and postoperative laboratory diagnostics
  • Live surgeries and immune-reactivating infusion therapies
  • Insight into the scientifically based research of Dr. Lechner‘s Munich Research teams

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Content of the seminar:


Why you can’t rely on the X-ray image


Generate information about bone density and quality in the jaw area with CaviTAU®

Interference field diagnostics

Regulation tests, remediation process and localization of the interference field diagnostics


Detection of toxins in root-filled teeth with OroTox®

Live operations and explanation

• Transmission of live surgeries in upper and lower jaws
• Explanation of surgical aftercare and infusion therapy

About the speaker:

Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner is a dentist and runs his own practice clinic in Munich.

His main areas of practice include holistic dentistry.

This includes:

  • Dental interference field diagnostics
  • Dental interference field remediation
  • Metal-free all-ceramic restorations and ceramic implants
  • Amalgam remediation

„My passion is holistic dentistry. With live surgeries, I’m especially happy to be able to pass on my knowledge to others.“

„Very good practice seminar with exemplary organization. Simply great. Dr. Lechner is a luminary in his field! Thank you very much!“

Description of our Jawbone Detox® Days


13.07.2023 to 15.07.2023


850,- € incl. 19 % VAT per person / 2nd participant of the same practice 650,- € incl. 19 % VAT

Seminar location

Practice clinic Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner, Grünwalder Straße 10a, Munich


Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

You will receive 29 continuing education points from the Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns (KZVB) for your participation!

You can download our hygiene concept for this event here: Hygiene concept OP Seminar 2021

You have to travel to Munich for the event and are looking for accommodation for your stay?

Here you can download our hotel recommendation: CaviTAU® Hotel recommendation